One of our users reached out to report that they would like to be able to scrape this page:
If you have an error on the page like I had, that should be due to the location. Check screenshot.
As I can't see this product page, I can't note here what is different on this page. Reasoning for scraping this page by user is:
We would like to scrape the data on pages with this url structure, since the data is not available on another page with the regular url structure for product details pages.
I have also recommended use of reviews, specs and offers arguments but user is looking to scrape this page layout claiming there is more information on this layout.
When asked about how they find prds=pid:17176458744554534267 parameter, user responded:
We would manually search products on Google Shopping and extract this parameter from the details page url. We currently do the same to determine the product_id parameter. The parameters are manually inserted in a database that our custom software then uses to perform SerpApi requests.