One of our users reached out to report that Google Product Page sometimes render Specifications part of the the page and sometimes not.
Playground Link (This link may or may not show Specifications part of the page):
Google Link:
Inspect link where this element is not present on the page:
Inspect link where the element is present on the page and returned by SerpApi JSON:
User is hoping to retrieve offers and GTIN (from specs element on the page) and aware of the fact that they can set offers=1 or specs=1 to retrieve them separately but not in one request. They don't want to double their requests as product page is enough for them to retrieve this information as long as it is rendered fully.
They are hoping to retrieve both of these offers and specs part from the product page. However, product page does not render specs all the time as you can see in the inspect examples.
Not sure if this is possible in one request but it seems to be possible because sometimes this element is present and sometimes not.