After Knowledge Graph of Bing has been fixed, Experience part is missing in JSON for WebActivePerson:
Then I wondered if there is any other type of knowledge graphs. Because this Michiel Van Amerongen person's type is WebActivePerson.
Bing's current knowledge graph is based on Bill Gates KG which does not have a type but it is same as Larry Page's knowledge graph which has Business Magnate as type.
Is there any other type?
Michael Arrington, TechCrunch's founder type is FamousGenericPeople:
FamousGenericPeople type KGs are missing the information in the yellow rectangle:
I have searched for singers, songwriters, actors and actresses, philosophers, authors.
Authors' Written Works part is not parsed which is shown in the yellow rectangle:
Bing Knowledge Graph seems to be a moving target hence a pain. But as Microsoft has Linkedin now, they show more information from Linkedin which can be useful for some users.